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Photo Restoration

Repair damaged photos
Remove spots, stains, mould, creases, scratches, tears, blotches, water damage, abrasions and other flaws.
Restore faded photos
Fix torn photos
Replace missing pieces
Remove pen, marker and mounting tape marks.

Other Services

Photo Enhancement (colour, brightness, contrast etc.)
Background replacement
Object/subject removal
Photo effects (e.g. convert to black and white, sepia, blur background, artistic effects)
Red eye removal, teeth whitening, cosmetic alterations
Resizing, straightening, cropping

Photographs document our lives and hold priceless memories of our family, friends and special events. It is inevitable that with time they fade and loose the lustre they once had. They often sustain tears, rips and other types of damage. Altec Photo Restoration Services provides:

  • Restorative services to faded and damaged photos
  • Photo enhance services
  • Photo alteration (e.g. background replacement, subject/object removal, etc.)

All work performed with specialised software ensures that originals are unaffected. Restored and enhanced photos are ready for copying, archiving and print ensuring that they are preserved for generations to come. Click here to see the Photo Gallery of some of our previous work.