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How to Order Our Services

You can Contact Us directly with your photo restoration request. If you are able to drop off to us in Dandenong North (3175) we can also scan the photographs.


Send in an electronic copy of the photo/s to with your details. Payment and delivery can also be done online.

Details of the online ordering process detailed below. If you require further detail or clarification please contact us.

1.  Obtain a digital image of the photograph that requires restoring.

  • Preferred specifications:
    • Tiff file format (uncompressed) with a Resolution of 300dpi. However, we do accept other popular image file formats (e.g. jpg, jpeg, BMP, png, etc.) and other specifications.
    • If your images are digitised, do not convert the format of the image file to another format (file conversion may result in a loss of quality). We will be converting it if required.
  • Obtaining digital copies of photographs:

2.  Send digital images to us

    • Attach image/s file to an email containing your job requirements and send to:
    • NB: Email providers generally have size limits to attachments. In our email service it is approximately 18 MB (equates to about 25MB with coding overhead), a typical value amongst many email providers. Total attachment size of less than 15MB is safe in most cases.